What? Virtual Weddings!?? Now you've seen everything! :)
Of course, not...

First lets make one important thing clear: What is virtual marriage or as often people call it cyber wedding?
Well, in our understanding, virtual wedding is a wedding for entertainment purposes only and does not assume any legal binding or any legal obligations between involved parties. But, why there is such thing then, you might ask. The short answer is "Just for Fun!". We believe that letting people to get married online, even just for fun, takes their feelings to the next level and makes them realize the true power of the modern digital world.

Seriously, how does it work?

The flow is pretty simple. Let say you both are far away from each other, or you want to surprise your friend with something unusual, or... or something else, you name it.

Here is how it works: You propose, and say "Yes, I do!"
Your partner receives your proposal and have to say Yes (or No).
If "Yes" from both of you, you will get your beautiful personalized virtual wedding certificate that you can share with your friends.

Wait? Are you still reading this? Go make a proposal instead!
Do weird things, be fun, share your joy.

WedOnWeb Virtual Wedding Certificate Example
WedOnWeb Virtual Wedding Certificate Example